A home to the beautiful landscapes, ancient temples, rich culture, mystical tribes and an array of flora and fauna, all these and more is what the Northeast region of India has to offer. These North East Indian states have always been abundant in nature. The tropical forests are full of vast species of Flora and Fauna. Scarcely populated and mainly full of tribal population, these states always are on a celebration spree. Tourists are attracted to the Kaziranga National park which has the only population of one horned Rhinocerous in India; Cherapunji, which records the highest rainfall in India; the legendary Kamakhya temple full of myths; the tropical forests and the lush tea gardens; the sunrise of Arunachal and the tribal customs, traditions and festivals. Although these states are situated in the remote parts of India, they have also stayed pleasantly untouched and unexplored and retain their charm and natural innocence. Hill stations and plains of tea gardens, pilgrimage spots and adventure sports, wildlife and tribal life all this and the spectacular views; the Northeast region is all what a traveler wants and dreams of.




                   ASSAM                              ARUNACHAL PRADESH

                   NAGALAND                               MANIPUR

                   MIZORAM                                  TRIPURA